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Pine Island Hike Loop

Pretty good dose of nature given the suburban location. We encountered a good bit of wildlife on our short excursion, including a couple small gators, a river otter, turtles, a water mocassin, and plenty of white ibis, great blue herons, and egrets. We started at the trail head behind Hunters Creek Middle School. There are now signs at the road directing you to trail parking which is in the same place as the school's bus entrance. Just past the trail head you'll walk across a bridge to the other side of the creek. The trail continues north along the side of the creek for about 1/4 mile, until you come to a power line clearing. We followed the power lines west to East Pine Loop and stopped at the first picnic area there for lunch. Our route ended up being about 2.5 miles round trip. The trail was pretty well marked, and the terrain is easy so long as it's dry. Only downside is the eyesore of the power lines/man-made drainage, and a bit of litter and graffiti near the trail head. Watch out for snakes and poison ivy.


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