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Photograph the Torensluis Bridge

A visit to Amsterdam is incomplete without a visit to Torensluis, the oldest preserved bridge in Amsterdam.

The Torensluis (tower lock) looks like an excessively wide bridge over the Singel and the the oldest original stone bridge in Amsterdam and the widest of its kind.

Built in 1648 on the waters of Singel, it was actually outside the city walls back then, circling its borders protectively.

As the city evolved, the walls surpassed the bridge turning it into just a means of transportation.

Today, it is the bustiest during the day thanks to the myriad cafes and restaurants and the famous ‘Bust’ of writer Multatuli that sits in the area.

The place also hosts a variety of exhibitions and events from time to time, giving us a thorough peek in its history.

Torensluis bridge, or Tower Bridge, is named for the watch tower which once stood at the centre of the bridge.

The tower is long gone however the bridge has remained a popular gathering point and a great spot to sit and have a drink on a beautiful summer day.

The arches that give the bridge its strength are about as typically Amsterdam as you could expect (well except that it’s wider than three regular bridges combined). Underneath the bridge is several cells, once used to hold some of the criminals of Amsterdam.

Apart from the birdge there, open sittings of the cafe nearby are also lovley to check ou.


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