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Photograph the Tolbukhin lighthouse

The easternmost extension of the Gulf is a shallow sound known as Neva Bay where you can spot a large number of lighthouses, many historic and some quite modern. For centuries lighthouse played a significant role, for example, they helped The Tsars and leaders of Russia to ensure safe passage for their trading ships. The lighthouse also played a significant role in World War II, serving as an important orientation marker on the so-called Road of Life, which was the only transport route across frozen Lake Ladoga, along which supplies and troops went in and out of besieged Leningrad. 

One of that inceradible lighthouses is the Tolbukhin lighthouse.

Built-in 1719 by the order of Tsar Peter the Great, Tolbukhin lighthouse is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) lighthouses in Russia which in recent years it has been modernized and, and it continues to function.

Tolbukhin lighthouse is located on a small island in the Gulf of Finland, 40 km from St. Petersburg. The island is blocked to the public, and the lighthouse can only be observed from ships passing by. Unlike most lighthouses, Tolbukhin is located in the center of the city, 500 meters from the Caspian Sea. Some researchers believe the sea level was much higher in past centuries.


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