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Photograph the murals of Butte aux Cailles

One of Paris' interesting neighborhoods that are beloved by locals but overlooked by tourists Butte aux Cailles neighborhood is a mountainous area in Paris' 13th arrondissement, between the city's biggest Chinatown district at Metro Tolbiac and the Place d'Italie. Since absorbed into the fabric of Paris, these tiny areas, known locally as ‘micro-arrondissements’ have retained their own small-town vibe and are well worth a visit on any trip to the French capital.

La Butte aux Cailles was a formerly fenced-in village outside of Paris that overlooked the (now underground) Bièvre river. For many years the limestone mining was the primary venture in the area but over the recent years, this historically working-class district became a favorite spot for artists and hipsters, manifesting the area's abundant street art, lofts with leafy rooftops, and gourmet shops. This area is also home to many architectural and historical gems and surprises and, most importantly, is the favorite playground of Paris's street artists. So stroll around the neighborhood and photograph some of these beautiful murals.


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