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Bike around Parco degli Acquedotti

The Parco degli Acquedotti is located on a wide stretch of beautiful Roman countryside— the famous "Campagna Romana" so often depicted by artists over the centuries— just outside the city of Rome. 

The park protects the remains of two huge ancient aqueducts, yet the city is surprisingly little-visited by tourists. 

For those willing to go out to the outskirts of Rome and see some fantastic aqueduct ruins, this is the place to go. From the Lucio Sestio or Giulio Agricola stop on the A orange subway line it is about a half-mile walk to the park (arrive on one, leave from the other). The park has a pretty much intact low aqueduct running much of its length, with the remains of a larger one. No signs or tour guides to explain -just the structures you can walk up to and touch. You can also see how people live outside Rome's tourist districts. Worth the trip, especially if you're a Roman Empire history buff. 



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