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Epic Hiking in Olomana Three Peaks Trail

This is a great walk but is challenging - it does have a fair amount of what the locals call "bouldering" which involves some fairly strenuous climbs and ropes. The first peak is purportedly the highest and the last portion is pretty tough, certainly not for the faint hearted. Only one of our party continued on and the second peak was fairly easy in comparison but he couldn't make it to the third.  A couple of words of advice, the track is not officially maintained so can be tricky to negotiate in stages and we found it very hard to find the start - it is at the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club on Luana Hills Rd just off Auloa Rd.

You can also play some golf down the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club. 

 The course is very tough but a beautiful scenic layout. I highly recommend every golfing enthusiast to visit and play here. I started on the back 9. It's a easier start but there is a few holes that you have to play smart to make sure you keep your drives on the fairways. Front 9 you will be basically playing in a tougher tropical rainforest. Some holes are quite surreal. 

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