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O'Fallon Park Upper Loop Trail

Took the Panorama Pt Trail up to the overlook. Approx a 1.5 one-way up to the top. Panorama Pt Trail starts at the parking lot off Bear Creek Rd. Careful- you can miss the turn-off, as no sign. You can see the parking lot across Bear Creek. Still fresh snow on the ground from a recent snow. Good to wear ice trekkers under your hikers. Narrow trail up for first .7 mile. Breaks out into semi-open, and meets up with the main Bear Creek Trail. Follow trail signs and another half mile or so to the top. Awesome views of Mt Evans -right in your face views- and further north, the mountains above St Mary's Glacier. I didn't time it exactly but a couple lazy-hiking hours roundtrip, counting break at top. Light moderate exercise going up. Watch your steps on snow coming down. Perfect hike with a dog and/or friend for local hike within half hour of metro area.


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