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Hike Mount Roberts Trail

This is a moderately steep and muddy trail from Basin Road up to the top of the Mt. Roberts tram. You can access the trail head off Basin Road just past the wooden bridge. There is an alternate trail head closer to downtown at the end of 6th Street. There are numerous signs that the 6th St. Trailhead is closed, but it gets plenty of use from the locals. The trail winds up through heavy forest and looks to get plenty of use. I hiked it last on a bright sunny day and it was still very muddy and wet. This trail ends at the tram. The trail beyond the tram is much better. The views of town and the Gastineau Channel are spectacular. There are plenty of wild flowers. The trail continues on for many miles to Gold Ridge, Mt Robets, and beyond. You can ride the tram up or down for $10 each way to skip this trail and get right to the good stuff higher up.


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