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Mountain Biking in Moab

Moab is in the desert, and the temperatures can vary dramatically from noon to midnight, season to season. If you are not familiar with this ecosystem, the summer can be brutally hot, and the winters can be very cold . Moab can be ridden year-round, but some trails, particularly ones at higher elevations, may be snowed in during the winter.Moab Brand Trailsare made up of about 15 interconnecting loops that are geared toward the beginner and intermediate rider . The trail system is conveniently located off of Hwy 191. What’s nice about this system is that you can connect the trails any way you like, and use the green, blue, and black  trails for skills progression. The scenery is pretty amazing here, and it is easy to rack up 15 or more miles of singletrack. You can ride as little or as long as you want, which makes it a great “warm up” for the rides to come.


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