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Photograph the Meguro River Cherry Blossoms Promenade

For several kilometers, the sweeping cherry trees provide an arched canvas of blossoms uplit by lanterns, making this a perfect place to admire the scenery, take a walk or grab a bite to eat.

Approximately 800 Yoshino cherry trees line the Meguro river benches for four kilometers and bloom every spring. They create the Meguro river cherry blossoms look extraordinarily incredible. Meguro River Promenade is Tokyo's No.1 place for Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) as well as Japan's No.1 place! Blooming season of Sakura varies from year to year due to weather circumstances. Meguro River Promenade Sakura, however, typically flowers from late March to early April.

Not only can you walk on the sidewalk to enjoy Sakura's perspective, but you can also enjoy it from a Meguro river cruising ship! I recommend that you enjoy the river blooms without crowds. It's really very relaxing. They give cruising at night, lunch cruising, and personal cruising. So, if you've got a group, it's a great idea to do Ohanami without worrying about booking places and waiting for food to arrive.


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