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Marcus Landslide Trail

A gentle 3-mile out-and-back hike with optional .7-mile small loop, this interpretive geology trail starts at the trailhead and ends beside or on top of the 2nd largest landslide in Arizona! This hike takes you through a remote area of the Preserve with many beautiful rock formations and excellent wildflowers in the spring. At the south end of the parking area go east on the main trail. Stay straight on the Marcus Landslide trail past various junctions on the right and left. Past the last junction the Marcus Landslide trail will head south to the edge of the landslide near the gated entrance to McDowell Mountain Regional Park. If you stop here, return to the parking area the way you came. You also can continue on the Marcus Landslide trail west toward the mountain and then climb up onto the landslide itself. The trail makes a small loop on top of the landslide. When you have completed the loop, follow the trail down off the landslide and back to the parking area.


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