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Frozen Maligne lake

This is a beautiful lake with some great walking trails. The road has spectacular views the whole way with many spots to hop out and take some wintery photos. We drove the 40 km from the Jasper town site to get to Malign Lake. The road going in was a bit icy but all in all it was a beautiful drive. There was good parking once we arrived at the Lake. There are public bathrooms in the parking lot. Nothing was open so bring food and water if you are driving out that way. There is no cell coverage for most of the drive in. We did the Mary Schaffer loop which was about 3.5 km and the path was a hard packed single file trail. Half goes along the lake and the back end goes into the forest and since it was a gorgeous winter day it was a beautiful walk. So quiet and peaceful. Lots of trails to snowshoe and XC ski. It was well worth the drive and i would recommend it even in the winter time.


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