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Long run in Rembrandt Park

Located in Amsterdam West, Rembrandtpark is an ideal place to sit out in the sun and enjoy a picnic.

The park is a green oasis with ponds, playgrounds and walking and biking paths. It’s a real beauty with winding paths leading south towards Nieew Meer - perfect for the long Sunday run.

While walking the streets of Amsterdam it is a great opportunity to sit, relax, take a break and enjoy the garden and greenery.

Located in a prime location of the capital city this large park contains lots of winding paths leading south towards Nieew Meer that are perfect for the long Sunday run.

Depending on the weather, you might find families out walking or groups of friends hanging out or people walking their dogs.

One interesting feature is the huge "statue", or actually two identical "statues", of a dog overlooking the motorway.



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