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Lake Okutama

Okutama is Tokyo's westernmost city, deep in the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park hills. On the Okutama Mukashi Michi path, campers, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts, it is thinly populated but a very appealing destination for hikers.


Okutama Lake is exceptionally picturesque when the Ogouchi Dam was constructed across the Tama River. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, the lake and its surrounding area provides easy access to the nature you can't find in a town middle.


If you're hiking, consider climbing the highest peak of Tokyo, Mt. Kumotori. It's a difficult climb, so it's crucial for proper equipment and preparation. You will find the Kumotori Sanso mountain lodge and campsite at the base of the mountain if you want to spend a night in the area.


There are several hot spring complexes up in the hills above the lake, or onsen, which are perfect for exploring the lake at the end of a long day. For ultimate relaxation, head to one of these, but don't forget your onsen etiquette.


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