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Lake 22 Twentytwo

The curiously named Lake 22 is the middle of an oasis of alpine wetland nestled on the northern shoulder of Mount Pilchuck. The hike to the lake combines the fine of mountain rainforests, old froth, wetlands, and mountain views, but it is effectively accessible. In winter, the route to Lake 22 can be avalanche prone in winter. 

At the trailhead, set out on a well maintained track that shortly becomes a mountain rainforest trail. Substantial effort has gone into constructing a trail that can stand up to the perpetual beating from the arch enemy of all trails, water. Gravel, turnpikes, stone steps, puncheon bridges, and more turnpikes make a sustainable trail surface possible. There is usually “water on trail” here, but the dampness permits ferns and moss to flourish in the Mountain Loop rainforest, and presents a path environment fascinating to little ones.

The trail climbs gradually through the woodland of western hemlock, mountain hemlock, alder, and crimson cedar. Old growth hemlock and cedar giants have managed to persist due to the RNA. Substantial segments of the decrease trail cross lively creekbeds, so layout on carrying footwear gorgeous for fording small creeks. At 0.6 miles, there is a bridge crossing over 22 Creek, giving your boots a smash from preserving your ft dry. But the adequate water furnish keeps salmonberry, thimbleberry, bunchberry, arnica, and bleeding coronary heart growing thick all along the way. You are never a long way from the rush of water, and quite a few waterfalls are positioned close to the trail.

At 1.5 miles, leave the forest and climb a talus slope, the place western columbine makes an look in the summer. This middle segment provides views of Whitehorse Mountain and Three Fingers on clear days. Trudging onward, reenter the woodland at 2.1 miles. Shortly thereafter, the terrain takes on a wetland character, with skunk cabbage blooming in the spring. When you reach the bridge over Lake 22’s overflow, you have traveled 2.7 miles through lush rainforest. Marvel at the sheer northern face of Mount Pilchuck, with its waterfalls and booming avalanches in iciness and spring. Take in the reflections of rock, sky, and evergreens on the surface of a pristine alpine cirque.



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