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Drive to Laguna Quilotoa

The Quilotoa Loop, 14 km north of Zumbahua, is the highlight of Laguna Quilotoa. Sitting at an elevation of 3,900 m, it is a volcanic-crater lake with stunning views of both the lake and the surrounding mountain ranges.

This is undoubtedly a beautiful lagoon with amazing views, the brilliant turquoise waters of the shimmering vocanic lake surrounded by dramatic hills.

You're basically driving right up to it very easy to get to by car, so you can decide how far you're walking around. There's a trail along the entire perimeter, it's about 8 miles away, and for this hike you should allow 5 hours or more. Wear layers as the weather and the wind are constantly changing. There is also a hiking trail down to the bottom where kayaking or swimming is possible. 

The entry for pedestrians is free but it costs $2 to enter the village with your car. Unlimited access to the crater and the lake is included in this price.



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