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Hike to Lago Di Lamar

Lago Di Lamar is located between the northern reliefs of Mount Soprasasso , which separate it from the underlying valley of Adige (to which the river basin belongs ) to the east, and the Paganella rising west. 

Hiking is the activity of going for long walks along the Countryside. 

Lago di Lamar stands for the lake of Lamar which is situated in Italy. Lamar is a small turquoise lake near Trento. It is such an amazing lake to spend your weekends. One can lazily take sunbathing on the grass and could even have thrilling fun of Cliff diving. Lamar is near to one of the other biggest lakes - Lake Santo.

Lake Lamar is a typical alpine lake in the Valley of the Lakes in Southwestern Trentino located above sea level. It is a perfect place for those who want to spend their holidays surrounded by mountains and lakes. The historic center of Trento also the capital of the province is only around 15 kilometers away from lake Lamar.

The lake has a stunning setting, surrounded by mountains. One can easily access by car or on foot via various trails. It is considered as a healthy little lake consisting of various fishes. One cannot swim but it is easy to get into water from the side with the grassy shore.

The trekking route to Lago di Lamar:

The route which a group generally takes for hiking is the Italy- Trento- Vela – hiking with the route 436 

From Italy, hikers generally take a train for Trento. From there they leave for Vela. The bus service from Trento to Vela Centro runs every 20 minutes from the station on weekdays and every hour on Sunday. The trek to Lake Lamar initiates from Vela Centro.

One cannot miss the sign showing the way to go to the lake of Lamar. As a sign indicates, it takes around 4.5 hours to 5 hours for hiking so one should be well prepared with and food and snacks. There are various exposed parts so people suffering from acrophobia should be aware of. Most of the routes are covered by trees so the heated summer sun is not a problem.

One of the best thing about this hiking is one could find various plants, birds, insects which they might have never seen before. The best part of this hiking is one need not to hike back to Trento. Buses are easily available from Lago di Lamar to the city centre.


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