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Boat ride in the La Petite Venise

Isn’t it wonderful to experience two countries at once? in France, you can have experience in the Italian city of Venice as well!

 To have a glimpse of Venice without actually going to Venice, head down to Colmar, the third-largest commune of the Alsace region in north-eastern France. 

The colorful houses and lush vegetation that line the river give Colmar the resemblance to Venice. High-end Italian eatery in a historic setting with a courtyard & seasonal entree, plus beer & wine in Colmar, France. 

The little bridge is always full of tourists walking around or waiting for the line to take the little boats. There are many restaurants and souvenir shops, don't buy or stop in the first place, it's an amazing city to explore. 

Picnic tables are available to walkers all year round.

It is also a particularly a river always full of fish that is a treat for fishing enthusiasts.

Do NOT forget to check out Parking de la Montagne Verte “. It locates on the street “Rue de l’Est. In the vicinity(south) of Musée d’Art Judi .100 m Far (to East) from the center of La Petite Venice.


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