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Kerem Hateimanim Tel Aviv

Are you looking to find hidden gems around the world? One of the best-kept secrets in the Middle East is located in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel. In the heart of the popular city lives a much lesser known neighborhood called Kerem Hateimanim which literally translates in English to the Yemenite Vineyard. The neighborhood which still remains unknown to most tourists is always buzzing with locals who nicknamed the neighborhood “The Kerem”. 

About “The Kerem”

The Kerem is located just behind the famous and always overpopulated ‘Carmel Market’ which is filled with tourists and locals alike. The neighborhood, originally founded in the 1930s by Yemenite immigrants was once known as the poorest area of Tel Aviv. However, in recent years it was discovered by local Tel Avivans looking to establish a safe haven for their bohemian lifestyles. Even with the new slew of residents in the Kerem, the neighborhood has not lost any of its authenticity. More like a village, it is full of charming and quaint shops, restaurants, and even a boutique hotel. The aged buildings and welcoming atmosphere will make you feel as if time has been frozen. The neighborhood residents and shop owners take pride in treating those who visit with the utmost hospitality.



Try Out Authentic Middle Eastern Food

If you are looking for a one of a kind dining experience the Kerem neighborhood has you covered. Highly recommended is Nehama's restaurant, which offers truly authentic Yemenite food made fresh daily. Nehama is a Yemenite grandmother with a heart of gold who owns and operates a tiny restaurant in the heart of the Kerem neighborhood. Even though the prices are quite low, don’t expect anything but top quality homemade food. While you are in Israel it would be a shame not to try hummus, arguably the country's most famous dish. Luckily, located in a little alleyway in the Kerem neighborhood you will find one of the best hummus restaurants in the country! The Shlomo & Doron restaurant is not to be missed and has gained a cult following by the local residents and is continuing to grow in popularity.



Get A Taste Of The Nightlife 

If you are looking to end your day with a drink, Gugys Bar is the place to be! Known only by locals, the bar, named after its founder is by far one of the city's most underrated and best kept secret spots. The eccentric owner and founder of Gugys who has been dubbed as the “Unicorn Man” believed in creating a unique atmosphere where all will feel welcome and safe. Having only opened his bar to make those around him happy, Gugy himself radiates positivity and dresses only in colorful clothing to encourage those around him to feel joyful and in high spirits. Having said himself the bar does not generate huge revenue for him, that is not the reason he opened it. He wanted to create a unique space for those looking for an out of the box bar experience. Gugy says himself the secret to his happiness is living by the motto “it is simple to love”. 



Chilling Chilling


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