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Keiss Harbour

The harbor space on the sting of the Caithness village of Keiss on the North East Coast of Scotland, twelve miles south of John O Groats. Keiss Harbour was very busy during the booms of earlier days however continues to be a public construction regionally for many creel boats sitting as it will on Sinclair Bay an awfully productive crab space. Many buildings are in excellent condition, and an ice house, fishing store and stone homes testify to the sturdiness of the native stone.


The area to the north of the access purpose is pebble and rock coated shore, while the world to the south is usually sandy. Seabirds, particularly duck, will often be seen off the harbor. High dunes extend on the shore towards Reiss. An uneven path with no pave runs parallel with the beach.


This space is good for those seeking an energetic holiday, with surfing and golf being native specialties, or for an additional reposeful break, with sandy beaches, fishing and lots of historical and archeologic attractions like old harbor Bothy in straightforward reach. This is often conjointly a perfect base for journeys to the Orkney Islands.


Access is adjacent to the park. 1 - 2.5 miles to hide the whole website. A track follows the shore north to Keiss village and harbor, thirty minutes (approx.). Large teams can need to walk all the way down to the port from the town because of the shortage of parking/turning area for buses at the harbor. The gap is close to 0.5 km. The dock may be reached from the Keiss Beach lot in regarding half-hour. Pleasant short walk passing ancient harbor century castle ruins.


How to get there

Turn off A99 at Keiss and take the road down through the village from the south towards the ocean till it winds all the way down to the harbor. The beach is signposted. There is limited parking to the northern finish of the sands in Sinclair’s Bay. Parking for four cars. Sufficient area for a bus if different vehicles are not laid. There’s edge parking available within the village. Limited parking at the, however, takes care to avoid inconveniencing harbor and other road users.



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