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Kayak or Paddle Lake Union

The lake can be found in the heart of Seattle and it is among the best places where you can go kayaking in Seattle. The lake offers stunning views of the mountains, Space Needle, and varieties of Seattle sights. You can go paddling around the lake if you are a beginner. You can also try out a wide range of activities like paddling the larger Lake Washington, the Puget Sound, and the ship canal if you are more experienced.

The highlight of the Lake Union

Going paddling on the Lake Union offers mind-blowing views of the downtown skyline to the south, Queen Anne and the Space Needle to the west, Capitol Hill to the east and the Wallingford and Gas Works Parts to the north. This means there are a wide range of boating activities that you can try out and you can easily afford traffic if you stay close to the shore.

You can go on an extended excursion by exiting the Lake Union at the northeast part so that you can explore the Montlake and cut into Lake Washington. You can also leave Lake Union from the northwest corner of the Lake Washington Ship Canal and explore the Ballard Locks to the Puget Sound. You should also keep in mind that it is not all the rental companies that will give you the chance to take their vessels to the locks.

Going kayaking on Lake Union is a great way to explore Seattle if you are new to the city or you have friends that are visiting from out of town. The lake can be found in the middle of the city and it offers mind-blowing views of the major attractions in the city.

Renting a kayak

You are going to find a lot of places close to Lake Union where you can rent vessels and they give you the options of which area of the lake that you can explore. You are going to find the Urban Surf on the northern part of the lake where you can rent standup paddleboards for just $25 for two hours or $50 for a day. You are also going to find the Northwest Outdoor Center on the west side of the lake and they rent single kayaks for $15 per hour, standup paddleboards for $17 per hour and you can even pay for yearly rental pass if you will be kayaking regularly.

What to wear?

You will mostly be dry on a kayaking trip in Lake Union and you do not need swimsuit or goggles. The best thing to wear is a comfortable and flexible cloth. You can simply wear something based on the weather condition. You should also ensure you take a hat along for keeping the sun off your head, you will also need a sunscreen to protect your body from the sun.


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