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Kayak in Lake Ballinger

Lake Ballinger constitutes a surface area of about 103 acres in southern Snohomish country, Washington DC. It creates a border with Edmonds to west and Mountlake Terrace towards east. Back in the days the lake was known as McAleer Lake named after the owner of the lake Hugh McAleer. This lake was naturally formed by the ice melting of the Puget sound lobe which created a surface elevation of 292 feet. Lake Ballinger is wide and oval-shaped, oriented north to south covering 107 acres including the island, the actual water surface area being approximately 103 acres having lowest depth of 35 feet. On New Year's Day 1997, Lake Ballinger experienced a major flood which was about six feet above its normal elevation, damaging several waterfront homes; this flood also overflowed nearby sewer line into the lake. Another incident occurred during December 2007, flooding three homes and causing sewage contamination from three separate leaks.

 Urban runoff introduces petroleum, heavy metals, and excess nutrients to the water. Fecal coliform levels rose due to the presence of domestic pets and large numbers of geese this problem was addressed with the practice of egg addling. Excess nutrients cause algae growth, resulting in a loss of oxygen at the bottom levels of the lake when dead algae decompose causing the lake serious ecological problems.


Due to ecological and wild life threat the lake does not get much of the attention but there are many activities for families visiting the lake side 100 acre park. People might enjoy boating, water skiing, and windsurfing, jet skiing, and kayaking. One of the most popular versions involves kayaking the backwaters and sloughs of Snohomish County during winter in the grassy, shallow marshes with muddy bottoms providing excellent places for wildlife and kayakers.

One can also enjoy their destination wedding and other events at Lakeview Room in Lake Ballinger. They provide various beautiful setting and outdoor expansion with great views of greens all around. The Lakeview Room assists extensive views of Ballinger Park and Lake Ballinger.

 The Boat Launch is located on the east shore of the 100 acre Lake Ballinger and offers one of the only public boating, fishing and swimming areas on the lake. Amenities include a boat launch, fishing pier, beach access, picnic tables, barbecues, swimming beach and restroom facilities. One can enjoy kayaking on the marshy beach along with feasts with family and friends.



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