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Kayak in Alki Beach Washington

Alki Beach is one of the reasons why West Seattle is among the best neighborhoods in Seattle. The beach expansive stretch of seashore features numerous walking trail with panoramic scenery. The beach also offers tourist access to Puget Sound. The best thing about the area is that you are going to enjoy mind-blowing views of the Seattle skyline.

Exploring the beach

Alki Beach is the focal point of the neighborhood and it is managed by the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department. The beach is surrounded by a wide range of seafood joints, pizza joints, and ice cream shops that you can visit. The beach is a hotspot for both tourists and locals and it can get crowded during days with fair weather. One of the best ways to have a solo adventure on the beach during the period is to go on a kayaking adventure and spend some time on the water.

When you are looking for a parking spot, it is best to keep in mind the boat loading and unloading before choosing a spot. If you are traveling solo, you should try to avoid the angle parking so that you do not stop traffic while you are unloading your boat.

For a kayaking adventure at Alki beach, you should be prepared for any scenarios because the winds can shift and build very quickly. This means you should dress for the wind and splashes even if the water is smooth when you depart. You can invest in a wetsuit for this trip.

As soon as you depart from the shoreline, you will head north and be on the lookout for the harbor seals. You can easily miss them on the trip as they poke their head out of the water. Kayaking in Alki Beach is a great activity to try out if you are an animal lover as you will see a wide range of marine life, you can also try out people watching the activity. You can also simply float along the shoreline path where you will see dog walkers, joggers, and locals.

The highlight of the kayaking trip in Alki beach is that you will enjoy unobstructed and mind-blowing views of the Seattle skyline. The views from the water are unique from other viewing spots in the city and will leave you mesmerized. Since you will need to paddle from and back to the beach, you can simply tailor the length of your tour based on your mood. If you have limited time, you can simply paddle to Duwamish Head and enjoy some stunning views for a while before you paddle back to your car.

Best time to go kayaking on Alki Beach

The best time to go paddling at the beach is late in the afternoon. This will allow you to enjoy mind-blowing views of the skyline which will leave a long-lasting memory. You will just paddle into the sunset where you simply land and load up your boat and enjoy Happy Hour clam chowder or root beer cocktail across the street.



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