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Kalavantin Durg The World's Most Dangerous Fortress

Kalavantin durg is located in Panvel and the summit is around 2300 ft . This is one of the best treks near Mumbai and the level of difficulty is intermediate , not suitable for beginners. The first phase is a steady ascent over bad roads and jungle trails. Difficulty level is easy and almost everybody should be able to do the first phase. 

It isn’t a smooth ride all the way and has different ways to get there at the top so keeping the edge in mind is requested and recommended. All the tiredness goes in vain once you see the scenic beauty after getting there. A perfect 360 degree view will leave you breathless and you’ll bow 100 times to nature for the beauty it is still creating in area surrounding us. 

More details can be found on the link and best time to visit is July to Oct month. 


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