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Diablo Lake Overlook

The hike along the Diablo Lake Trail rises 213 m above Diablo Lake, providing hikers with a view of Ross Dam before falling over Lake Diablo to a suspension bridge. The Diablo Lake Trail can be done through the Diablo Lake Ferry during the summer as a one-way hike with a ride back to the trailhead.

Follow the Diablo Lake Trail to impressive cascading waterfalls and stunning views of Ross Lake and Colonial, Pyramid, Davis Peaks and Jack Mountain on the flanks of Sourdough Mountain. The Diablo Lake Trail is an excellent choice throughout the year, but it is a particularly good option for hiking in the stunning North Cascades National Park early season, much of which is inaccessible during winter and spring. 


Diablo Lake at the North Cascades National Parks is my favorite place to relax and unwind with my family; a perfect getaway from the daily hassle and bustle of city life. The emerald color of the waters of Diablo Lake is picture perfect on a sunny day. It's the ideal weather for snapping photos. It's the right place to stop over after a long drive in the North Cascades National Park. 

There's benches available for a picnic.


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