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Angels Landing, Zion National Park

Located in Zion National Park, this is one of the most exhilarating and technical hikes I have done. You have to buy a pass to get into the national park and I suggest going in early because this hike gets crowded fast. It is a 5 mile hike that is paved for the first two miles and then starts getting alot more technical at the end. The last mile or so is a climb on a very narrow spine up to the top of the landing. There is a chain that is bolted down in most parts of the end to help with the more technical parts of the climb, but it is definitely not for people with a fear of heights. At some points on two feet of either side of you is a 1000 foot straight down drop, so dont look down on your way up.   Once you get to the top you have a perfect view of the whole canyon and it is well worth the hike. Zion is unlike any other place on earth, the cliff faces and  landscape are something you will never forget from on top of Angels Landing


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