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Hike in the Subway Trail

The Subway is a classic semi-technical slot canyon hike in Zion National Park. To complete the hike you wade/swim/scramble/climb down the Left Fork of North Creek. The stream is the trail for most of the route. Some of the holes are deep enough that you do have to swim, and the water is cold.

The subway has two ways to do — top to bottom or the other way around. Top to Bottom is a more professional way. It's not a hike anymore. It's a canyoneering. You have to prepare a lot of gears. We did the Bottom to top walk. We have to return at a set of deep pools and a cliff. But we got to see the mean course. The subway is just like its name. So beautiful and amazing. The trail is not visible, but you don't need to follow the path. Following the creek is a better way. You can be creative and enjoy the wildness. It took us 4 hours to reach the end because we always stopped for pictures. Usually, prepare 6-9 hours for the hike and take your time to see around. A wildness permit needs to be secured with Zion visitor center. We walked in right after it opens this morning and asked about the license. Luckily there was a group cancellation, so we got our permit the same day as we hiked! Don't expect this in summer. A guy told me line began to form in front of the visitor center before 6 am!


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