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Hot Air Balloon Ride in Paris

The biggest hot air balloon in the world is located at the Parc André Citroën on the left bank of the Seine, and within leisurely walking distance of the Eiffel Tower is a secured and beautiful hot air balloon, in the memory of the "l'Entreprenant" ("The Enterprising"), a hydrogen balloon that the French Army used as the world's first aerial military observation post in 1794.

Hot air Balloons have a long and honorable tradition in France.  From 1884 to 1899, the Frenchman Louis Godard operated captive balloons around the world, from Paris to Chicago to Buenos Aires.

The balloon gives the 360 viewings of Paris from above that everyone craves. This is a tethered balloon that rotates once you are at the top.

There can be weather issues so it is a good idea to check the website before heading out. Also, the line can be fairly long and it doesn't move quickly. They only sell one flight ahead in case the weather changes. Make sure you bring sunscreen for standing in line.

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