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Nahal Mearot - Wadi el-Mughara Caves

We visited the Nachal Mearot Nature Reserve and enjoyed the nature, the caves, the history and the geology. It is definitely worth a trip here with the kids and/or grandkids. Even more interesting to the kids and grandkids than the caves and history was the adjacent steep rocky hill which requires an “extreme” hike (climb in some places) to get up to the summit where one of the most awesome views of the Israeli coast and the Carmel mountains awaits the “winners”. It was a thrilling challenge to all the kids – young and old – and certainly was the highlight of the entire day. The 1 kilometer (2/3 mile) hike starts outside the actual National Park and requires no admission fee as the caves do (but ARE worth the fee). Right behind the Cashier building is a big rock where 4 trails of different colors all meet. Take the “black trail” up and over the top of hill. On the other side, you’ll meet up with the “red” trail, turn left and within minutes you’ll be back at the Cashier building.


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