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Hippie hallow

We are all adults so why do we want rules? Well we don't, as long as we all play high-quality together. Most regulations are just the usage of common sense. But simply in case, here are some tips that will help your go to to Hippie Hollow be as first-rate as possible. Pets - Pets are no longer allowed in the park, they may additionally not be left in the parking lot, and specifically now not left in vehicles. The solely exception are animals used for help with a handicap. I know it is tempting, but please do not feed the wildlife. The squirrels and ducks from time to time expect a handout. Don't be surprised if a creature helps themselves to some snacks you go away laying out.Nudity - The park is a garb non-obligatory park. You do not have to be naked to experience Hippie Hollow. Nudity is now not allowed in the parking lot, and you must wait till you are on the trail and past the tree line to get rid of your towel or garments.

Photographs - You may additionally take pix and video in the park. two But please admire the privacy of others round you when photographing your buddies and the scenery.

BBQ - Open fires are not allowed. two But if you choose to BBQ, you will want to bring your very own grill. two If you are planning on grilling, sounds like you will be packing a lot of stuff. two You would possibly additionally assume of bringing a small wagon or luggage service to help deliver your objects from the parking lot.



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