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Hiking in Piedra Parada

Can you imagine a place more spectacular than Smith Rock, the canyons of Utah, and Owens River Gorge together, but without the crowds? If you think there is no such place on Earth, you are wrong because Piedra Parada (Standing Rock) in Argentina is going to blow your mind away. 

This marvelous rock formation stands in the middle of Patagonian Desert, in Chubut Province. Formed by an extinct volcano a couple of thousand years ago, Piedra Parada and the nearby La Buitera Canyon region are home to diverse desert life. 

The entrance of Chubut Valley hosts a campsite, over forty distinct rock formations, and ancient human dwellings considered to be more than 5.000 years old. 

The entire area around Piedra Parada, including the canyon, is a protected natural reserve, and rock climbing activities are allowed everywhere, except the archeological area. 

A place-to-be for climbing enthusiasts with a different set of skills and levels, Piedra Parada offers the best rock climbing opportunities on the continent. 

As this is a difficult location to get to, the climbing routes are not crowded at all, which makes this secluded adventure area a unique spot for climbers. Bringing your equipment is a must. 

If you are planning to spend a week at Piedra Parada, then you'll be glad to know that the park has an outstanding campsite where you can shower, cook, and rest after the long days on the cliffs. Even if you are not a rock climber, you can still visit this spectacular site and hike through its otherworldly landscape.

This epic rock formation is 689 feet tall, and it will surely live a long-lasting impression on you. The ones working as professional photographers should grab their cameras and use the chance to make some NatGeo-worth shots.

Good luck with your rock climbing adventure! 



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