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Hike to Vindbelgjarfjall volcano

Vindbelgjarfjall is a volcano in the northeast of Iceland, on the shores of lake Mývatn, whose formation dates back to the Ice Age. It is part of the Krafla volcanic system and is one of the most iconic mountains of the region. 

You can access this 529-meter tall peak from a trailhead along the road around the lake, just south of the Vindbelgjarfjall Mountain. This trail runs along generally flat land to the back of the Vindbelgjarfjall. 

The route to the Vindbelgjarfjall starts at the east of the sideway leading to the farm Vagnbrekka, a walk of half an hour. It takes another half an hour to walk up the mountain, which is some 529 meters above sea level. The trail is steep at times, but it suits most hikers, and the view of the district from the summit is spectacular.  Because of the active volcanism, this unique area is full of life. You can spot very rare water birds and various other wildlife. Mývatn means ‘midge lake’ or the lake of the midges. Be brave, get out there and don’t be bothered with the midges. Also, On a clear day, you will have an amazing view over the most mythical spots of Lake Mývatn, including Hverfjall crater, Dimmuborgir lava formations, Skútustaðir pseudocraters, Herðubreið tuya.



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