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Hike to Guinardo Park

Parc del Guinardó has barely mentioned in tourist guides (Even not too many locals know about it either), but this is a precious jewel snuggled on top of the hill in the Horta-Guinardó district.

The area of the park is covering almost 16 hectares and only slightly smaller than Park Güell, was ignored for a long time but a few years back, the City Council finally invested money in its renovation, and now the park is just as beautiful as when it first opened in 1918.

The original design was the work of Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestiera a highly-acclaimed French landscape architect who also gave the world the gardens of the Champ-de-Mars beneath the Eiffel Tower.

With alluring fragrances of cedars and pine trees; ample stone-paved terraces and immense green lawns, the park is definitely worth the ride from the center. The best part is the hike to the very top at  250 meters above the sea level, lie the last remnants of the Civil War, anti-aircraft bunkers. This is a great place to get a view of Barcelona at night! 


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