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Hike around the Lake Nakuru

Situated on the floor of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Nakuru is one of Kenya’s most stunning National Parks. Surrounded by bushy and woody grassland, the park features rocky escarpments that tower over indigenous forests. Nature lovers are bound to be impressed by the park’s picturesque landscape of yellow acacia woodlands, and its rich topography of wooded hills, waterfalls and euphorbia trees that dot the shores. The park also has unique vegetation with over 500 different plant species. 

Lake Nakuru plays host to one of the most brilliant shows of birdlife on the planet. During peak season, millions of pink flamingos congregate on the shores of the lake. The birds come here to feed on algae that forms on the lake bed, creating a breathtaking spectacle. Occasionally the birds take flight, filling the sky above the lake with color. The intense fuchsias of the birds contrast wonderfully with the deep blue alkaline waters of the lake.  

Lake Nakuru abounds with game. The national park is an important sanctuary for rhinos and boasts the largest population of black rhinos in Kenya. Both black and white rhino can often be spotted resting under acacia trees by the lakeshore. 

There are also massive herds of waterbuck, buffalo, zebra, and the endangered Rothschild Giraffe among others. Several large prides of lion call the park home, and it’s also one of your best chances of spotting leopard in Kenya. In the woodlands, you may come upon large African rock pythons hanging from the trees. 

Lake Nakuru can be visited as part of a day trip from Nairobi. The park is ideal for bird watching, hiking, picnics and game drives. Viewing wildlife here is easy and accessible and makes for an amazing safari vacation. For a more rewarding experience, visitors can go explore beyond the lake among the forests, waterfalls and cliffs. 



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