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Hike around Cádiz

This Cádiz region in space is a goldmine for hikers. There are innumerable things to see, explore and discover. This region is so big that there are over 38 hiking trails available for you to choose and decide your track. In this article, I am going to describe the mesmerizing area Andalusia, famous for its breathtaking landscapes and an ideal spot for hiking.

Andalusia is located in the southern region of Spain, home to natural beauty. You can only explore this region completely by walking. If you are ready to take fresh air and enjoy the natural beauty to the fullest, take the walking routes and hike around. You are definitely going to have an unforgettable experience like never before.

Once you are on for a hiking activity at Andalusia, you will see mesmerizing landscapes, exotic birds, wild mushrooms, chestnuts and many more exciting things. There are various hiking routes from Cadiz to Granada. Walking and hiking through any of the routes will give you an experience you never imagined before. 

In Spain, the best hiking conditions are available only in the region of Andalusia. It has an amazing climate, extraordinary natural landscapes that created Andalusia to be considered as the best hiking spot in Spain. Here nature and hiking both are at their best. During your hiking trip, you can either climb the highest mountain in the Iberian Peninsula or watch the most exotic birds migrating from Europe to Africa. Do unlimited photography of all the wildlife available here. You can find vultures, flamingos, deer and many beautiful animals.

Moreover, for the tourist, there are wide varieties of resorts available here. This hiking spot in Spain has grown popular over the years are there are unique natural beauties one can explore here. The entire area has various hiking routes depending on the level of your difficulty. Be there and choose any of the hiking routes to get fully amazed that you will witness.

Keep in mind, to explore the region every day you need to walk around 5 to 7 hours covering 14 to 15 KM. You must decide your route and walk in small groups. One of my favourite hiking routes is The Bandolero Route, five days hiking route full with adventure and thrill. Enjoy hiking through this route along with a guide and get the best out of it. Along the river Majaceite there lays another excellent hiking route which UNESCO declared as the Biosphere Reserve. You may choose the Forest of the Royals - Sierra Bermeja, Casares, Malaga route and enjoy the natural park and scenic beauty. However don’t miss visiting the largest cork oak forests in the world, if you hike around the Acorns Forest of Tarifa, Cadiz. These amazing hiking experiences cannot be personified with words. One must experience physically. There is no doubt that this place is one of the unique locations around the world that only locals know.


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