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Backpack in the Helmcken Falls

Ww landed in Vancouver, prepped for our adventure not sure what to expect but excited for the unknown. we rented a car, drove about 6 hours and arrived at Cllearwater. Made the left hand turn and eventually entered the park. I thought I would be able to actually climb Helmcken falls but that was not possible. it was raining and in early April, no one is around We literally had the park to ourselves. The bugs were almost non existent. Chiggers ate my ankle up though so wear a good pair of socks and some high hiking shoes if yo go on the trails. We didn't see any bear but was looking intently not to find any. The falls are spectacular. Dawson, Helmcken, Spahats and the Mushbowl made the trip worth it. we leisurely hiked in the rain and eventually left for a bite to eat in town. this trip was worth the 10 hour round trip drive. Exceptional!!!!!!


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