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Hanging Temple of Hengshan

A 5th-century temple improbably built into the side of a cliff. ... Hanging Temple of Hengshan jpbennett1 (CC BY 2.0) ... The Hanging Temple, located about 60 km southwest of Datong, China in Shanxi province, is one of the world’s forgotten wonders.It is what it is, a temple built on the side of a mountain. On the same trip I also went up the close by mountain and hiked for 3 hours. THAT hike was awesome. There were several temples and monasteries built on that mountain. If you have the time, make the trip into two. Usually you can get a driver to take you up there for a nominal fee.


Be wary of how you pay for trips to this place and back. If you play your cards right you can do the whole thing for about 1/3 of what some of these drivers will charge you. Most of them work together in cahoots. You might try your luck hailing any taxi driver in the city and ask him to take you there. Reviewed by Ronny Fang.


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