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Catch the Hampi ruins hills sunrise sunset

Hampi is one of the most elegant places to visit in India, surrounded with beautiful stone cut temples, towering rocks in the lap of mountains. 

Hampi is located in east-central Karnataka, India on the banks of Tungabhadra river and also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Many backpackers around the world visit Hampi with different purposes of exploring its vastness, seeking spirituality, partying, relaxing and many more.

Turnbull is the nearest airport to Hampi on the distance of 33 km easily accessible from Goa and Karnataka.

The Monkey Kingdom mentioned in the epic Ramayana was located in Hampi, in memory,  Monkey Temple is built here and a must visit.

The astonishing detailed sculptures at Virupaksha temple will give pleasure to your eyes.

The architecture of Lotus temple differs from the other typical monuments in Hampi and it is amazing to spend an evening there. You can also enjoy seeing and bathing with elephants.

Hiking lovers can go to Helmet Hilltop offering the best view of Hampi, in the evening people gather there to play music, dancing, and a beautiful sunset.



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