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Greenland boat and kayak Trip

This trip is a truly a once in a lifetime expedition, which brings you to the remotest areas in Greenland. The sailing trip starts from Kulusuk, a small settlement in the mouth of the Angmassalik Fjord and it will bring us to beautiful isolated fjords around the Angmagssalik and Sermilik Fjord. Here you can experience one of the last real places of wilderness on our planet! This is the real Arctic with all its breathtaking beauty and striking scenery, which looks as if it was borrowed from a fairytale. We've boarded on a  sailing yacht. We  sailed into the Torssut sound and then into the Ammassalik fjord where we will already spoted the first large icebergs on our tour. We then sailed over to Kong Oscar’s harbour and visit the small settlement Tasiilaq. Tasiilaq is the largest settlement on the east coast with approx. 2000 inhabitants. We explored the settlement, the surrounding area and  hike up the beautiful Flower Valley. The Greenlandic towns are not connected with roads and railways. The sea has been the high-road since early immigrations and the mean of many adventures. I highly recommend this adventure.   How to get there : Best way to fly to Kulusuk is via Reykjavík/Iceland. Return flight from 795 EUR per person can be added to your package. Price per person: 2,750.00 Euro


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