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Visit Goynuk Canyon

Goynuk Canyon is about 40 km drive from the center of Antalya on the way to Kemer. By renting a car from the city center or from the airport, you can easily go there. On the other hand, it is a little complicated to access public transportation.

A small hidden exit for Goynuk comes after about 45 minutes from Antalya. Watch out for the sign. Missing it is tiny and easy. The road ends at the canyon entrance where you can park your car free of charge. Goynuk Canyon is managed and protected by Ecofun Adventure Park, a private company. You will be amazed by the beauty of nature once you enter the protected area. Green wooded mountains that rise above a turquoise water on both sides. 

This is a vacation worth spot having immense natural beauty attached to it. Taking the water course would lead to the waterfall. Average travel time is around two and a half hours, if one starts from the Antalya-Kemer mainroad. Stopping by the first street would also take to Goynuk when starting point is dolmus. The countryside is a place worth spending the vacations at. The travelers from the ‘Lycian Way’ do not have to pay the admission fee of 3 Euro like the other tourists, as the policy has been incorporated since 2010.


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