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Hike the majestic Golan Heights

Drive to Kibbutz Ein Gev close toLake Kinneret. Find the black marked jeep trail . Follow the black marked trail through . After about a kilometer you get to a majestic overlook of the Jordan River Valley, Tiberias and the mountains of the Galilee. Follow the road up to the old outpost when the road turns into a black marked trail and you will soon see the ancient ruins. The city of Susita - or Hippos in Greek.   Follow the path through the city and down the eastern side to the main parking lot. From here you can turn right and head down the old military road back to Kibbutz. Follow this dirt road northeast to the end of the tel and then you will need to open the fence along the dirt road, cross through some brush, close the fence (be wary of the barbed wire), and make your way to the upper dirt road below the tel. Make sure to use your map while doing this. Follow this road through an ancient olive grove. Notice the size of the tree trunks and how they are hollow inside. The more hollow an olive tree the older it is.


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