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Go For Snorkeling In The Blue Heron Bridge

Blue Heron Bridge is one of the most popular beach diving sites in Riviera Beach, Florida. If you want to witness the best underwater diving experience you should explore the Blue Heron Bridge. A wide variety of marine life and tropical warm water is best suited for snorkeling and scuba diving. 

It offers easy entry to the shore and over a hundred species of fishes will swim around you. The best time to go snorkeling is during high tide. The Blue Heron Bridge is shallow. Therefore, only during the high tides, you can spend a quality time of about 2 hours underwater. In fact, for a better experience, dive in 2 hours before the high tide. It is better to check the tide tables to be on the safer side.

This beach is home to a diverse marine ecosystem. Some of the exotic sea creatures that you might come across are striated frogfishes, cardinalfishes, octopus, molly miller blennies, fly guards, sea horses, purple morays to name a few. It remains open from early sunrise to sunset. However, you can still go about night diving if you have a permit. You may get one from the local dive shops.

The visibility is best and reaches up to a maximum of 100’ during the high slack tide. You are allowed to see and explore the beauty. At no point in time or under any circumstances, you are allowed to collect fishes. It is treated as a wildlife preserve and you must be careful with your moves and intentions. 

The swim area is on the eastern side of the playground. You may swim in the snorkel area depending on the tides. The bridge pilings remain subjective to the current. Moreover, they are just perfect to view the colorful fishes while you are snorkeling in the transparent blue waters of the beach. Indeed, snorkeling in the Blue Heron Bridge rewards you with premium and extravagant experience for a lifetime. 



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