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Giethoorn Village Netherlands

It's so quiet, so different and so simple that it seems to be hardly real–sliding through small canals past old, but beautiful townhouses. It's so peaceful. You can take a "side street" (another small canal) and walk under a wooden bridge to see a neighbor by an elderly resident. No, it's not Amsterdam or Venice. It's too calm, too calm, too remote. The nickname of "the Netherlands of Venice" is so calm that it gives a false impression of size, crowds, and business. The loudest sound you can generally hear is quacking a duck or noise from other birds here, in Holland's water village of Giethoorn. In the eastern part of the Netherlands, Giethoorn is a green and still region in the province of Overijssel. Giethoorn is in the middle of the canal system of Overijssel. The small village depends so much on its waterways that many houses cannot be reached by road. , and he travels with a spot. Giethoorn Giethoorn has been here for years, where 90 kilometers of canoe trails and many motor boats are rented but now hire shops stock so-called' whisper boats ' rather than conventional outboard motor boats–electric dinghies. The name of Giethoorn comes from the first discovery by the inhabitants of the goat horns in the marshland, remains of a flood from the 10th century. Today there are no goat horns, but the vegetation is still very distinct. This is the ideal place for fishing and paddle-cycling, on the outskirts of a vast range of lakes or Canals. 


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