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Explore Wicklow National Park

In the South-Eastern part of Ireland houses the national Park Wicklow mountains, which has acquired this status in 1991. This scenic mountain range lies across three counties, from Wexford to Dublin via Wicklow. Here is the river Slane, which is the country’s only PSP — Tarlo hill.

Here is the highest waterfall in the country and Powerscout founded in the 6th century monastery of Glendalough. On the territory of the Wicklow can not only enjoy the views, but also to enjoy various outdoor activities. In fact, besides Hiking in the local hills, the Dubliners and visitors can go rafting or fishing in a place that in the 19th century lit the hearth of the gold rush.

Bring layers for warmth, wet and wind. Don't underestimate the physical demands of the hundreds of literal steps (I recommend starting with them -- to the left), but don't let this scare you off. Also recommend starting with plenty of day light and bringing a picnic so you can take your time.


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