Explore the small town of Vilcabamba


AWAYN IMAGE Explore the small town of Vilcabamba
AWAYN IMAGE Explore the small town of Vilcabamba
AWAYN IMAGE Explore the small town of Vilcabamba
AWAYN IMAGE Explore the small town of Vilcabamba

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Vilcabamba is a small town in the province of Loja, known as the Valley of Longevity. The reason for this is the long lifespan of the local people. Vilcabamba is a place with the most centenarians in the world which attracts a lot of expats moving here. 

 The longevity of the local population comes as a result of the pure water they drink, according to local and international experts. 

The valley where the town sits is protected by Mandango mountain, also known as the Sleeping Inca, the guardian of Vilcabamba. The position of the rocks looks like a profile of a sleeping man when looked from a distance. 

The name Vilcabamba originates from the Quichua words "huelco" (a sacred tree) and "pampa" (a plain). That's exactly what this town is, a plain full of trees and lush greenery that take your breath away. Rivers, waterfalls, hiking trails, local markets, and delicious food is what makes people fall in love with Vilcabamba. The people who live here are calm, humble, and welcoming, although the quality of their lives is constantly changing due to the inflow of "gringos" who are buying their land and setting new rules. 

However, this is still one of the best-preserved natural surroundings in the country, with tremendous biodiversity, which also confirms the health of the local water, air, and soil. 

If you are interested in rural tourism that offers endless natural hikes that will bring back your inner peace, then you must visit Vilcabamba. Renting a bike for a day and explore the stunning landscapes will recharge your batteries and make you feel like a new person. 

No place on Earth will help you regain your inner peace and forget about all your worries and stress like the longevity valley protected by the Sleeping Inca. Vilcabamba is waiting for you! 


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