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Explore the Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park in Seattle is one of the most interesting destinations to visit while in the city. An old home to a gasification plant, this park lies on the north shore of Lake Union, in the Wallingford neighborhood. Pipelines and tanks are visible all over the 20-acre park, open for visitors since 1975. 

Gas Works Park is a unique place where you can come for a stroll and enjoy a sunny afternoon on the grass, but have in mind that swimming in the lake is not allowed due to hazardous content. However, the park is popular among the Seattle people for numerous events, athletic competitions, and concerts during the summer months, and less for its long-gone industrial era.

Most of the works in the park are still fenced and without access due to safety measurements, and most of the tanks are overgrown in lush greenery, which makes the park look like an art installation.

Gas Works Park is a landmark of Seattle. If you ever visit this city, you can't miss the extraordinary venue full of history and beating in the rhythm of today at the same time. Kite flying competitions are also popular in some areas of the park, so if you ever want to fulfill your childhood dream and you don't know where, then Gas Works Park is the perfect place to fly your kite.

The gasification plant was providing the entire city with gas until its closure in 1956.

No matter how little time you have to spend in Seattle, you can't miss this creative location by the lake, and if nothing else, have a picnic lunch on a sunny afternoon. Gas Works Park is a one of a kind experience, and a place worth visiting while in the city. Choose an event that you want to attend, and enjoy your time!



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