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explore the Abbey of Kylemore

Abbey of Kylemore — active Benedictine monastery founded in 1920 in the historic complex of Kylemore castle on the Northern shore of lake Pollacappul in County Galway, Ireland. The monastery became a home for nuns-Benedictine nuns who fled Belgium in a difficult time of the First world war and in subsequent years.


Tour Kylemore better known as a majestic and well preserved castle, which is considered to be one of the most picturesque and even romantic in Ireland. It was designed by James Franklin fuller to 1871 for the family of Henry Mitchell and Margaret, inspired by local landscapes.


In 1909, the castle, Kylemore was purchased by the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, who owned the house very long: the mansion had to resell due to gambling debts. Soon the castle was founded the Abbey. The pieces, particularly with the restored garden, the complex became accessible to tourists since the 1970-ies.


The dimensions of the castle of the Abbey are impressive: the building is located on 3700 sqm of land, the length of its facade — about 43 meters. Originally Kilmore was has 33 bedrooms, four spacious living rooms, four bathrooms, a study of Mitchell Henry, a library, a ceremonial Banquet, billiard room, other residential and office space. In addition, the Abbey was preserved the Gothic Church and the family mausoleum of Henry.


To get to the castle as private transport (next created a visitor center, Parking) and a bus stop on the N59 at the turn to the castle (left walk about 500 meters). You can visit the castle independently or as part of a tour group during the opening hours of the visitor centre (entrance fee).


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