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Explore Samuel H Boardman State Park

Samuel H Boardman State Park is located in southwest Oregon, in the United State. It stretches around 12 miles long alongside secluded beaches, offshore rock formation, ancient trees, and bumpy buffs. It is located between Brookings and Gold Beach. It is named in the honor of the first Oregon Park’s superintendent Samuel H Boardman. This park is a treasure loaded with lots of beautiful gems that are still untouched. Although many people don’t know about this place it's not a secret from Instagram. You will find some amazing Instagram worthy spots here. 

There are two pays to explore this park you can hike the park and see all the viewpoints, first. Second, you can stop at each viewpoint and explore that particular area. 

Some of the viewpoints to explore here are-

1)Arch Rock viewpoint

This is one of the most astonishing spots in Samuel H Boardman state park. There is a small path that leads to a place overlooking series of offshore sea stacks and island and arch rock. This is also an ideal place for picnic. You will find here plenty of picnic tables. You can sit here and take your lunch and enjoy a small scenic picnic amidst nature. 


2)Secret Beach + Thunder Rock Cove 

Secret Beach is a bit difficult to reach but one of the simpler ways to reach here is through Thunder Rock Cove. You can visit both these spots together. Because of the thundering echos of the waves rocking into the caves, this place got its name. You will witness sea arches and sea caves here.


3)Natural Bridge

This s considered the best viewpoint of this park. Seven iconic rocks and blowholes comprise the Natural bridge. Here you can also take a walk around the quiet stretch of china beach. 


So, folks get ready to explore the spectacular views of this park and create unforgettable memories. 



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