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Explore Peter the Great Botanical Garden

As St. Petersburg's oldest living botanical garden, is a 100-year-old garden is a home to some of the oldest tropical plants in the region. The Garden was established in 1714 by the order of Peter the Great as the Apothecary's Garden and quickly grew into a center for research.

Originally the Garden focused largely was on growing medicinal herbs, but soon people began bringing trees and seeds of rare and exotic plants - for which a greenhouse was specially built.

Today, most of the Botanical Garden is designed in the English landscape style. Plants from Russia's warm zone grow uncovered, while the greenhouses house a large collection of tropical and sub-tropical plants; the Garden's 'Alpine hills' are also home to flora from the Caucasus, the Mediterranean, and Asia. 

You cannot wander through the greenhouses on your own. You are only allowed in on a tour. We weren't interested in doing a tour so I don't know if they are offered in English or not. The signs and maps were in both Russian and English, which was helpful.


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