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Northern Headlands of Donegal magnificent hikes

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway in stunning surrounds, or fancy an exhilarating outdoor adventure, the Northern Headlands of Donegal have it all. With breathtaking scenery, golden beaches, rugged islands and a beautiful array of wildlife, this northern - almost untouched - stretch of the Wild Atlantic Way is an absolute essential, any time of year. We set off before midday and made our way towards Mt. Errigal, stopping off every so often to take pictures, I looked back over my collection and put together some of my favourite for the purpose of this post.Bring a spare change of clothes for the way home as the bog land at the very bottom of the mountain is awful, try and wear wellies if you can. The climb up Errigal is very steep and hard but well worth it at the end. Bring plenty of water and sugary foods with you. Coming down the mountain was harder as it is very easy to slip and fall on the rocks, wear suitable hiking shoes for the hike up and down to protect your ankles as injury can occur very easily, try wear gloves aswell as climbing up the mountain holding onto the rocks can become very sore on your hands, but remember, DONT LOOK DOWN!!!


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